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Gliding blissfully through our daily routines, we are reminded daily about how Free and Great our nation is. Mantra, slogans, and placards are ever vigilant reminders of the shared Sacrifice that keeps our nation Free and Great. The opposite of this outrageous propaganda is the reality we all face. Its starts out seemingly innocuous in the beginning, we need roads, sewers, electricity, and most important of all fire and police protection. These supposed services are all funded via taxation which some of us never consented to, has no “choice” not to pay. Before an individual can start a business they have to travel through a Brazil-esque nightmare of forms and fees that impose an unnecessary cost to the entrepreneur.

The programmed response to removing these onerous fees and regulations is it is the necessary cost for a civilized “society”. This argument, without ever being thought through to its logical conclusion, never answers the question of who is to decide that once “taxes” are collected how are they to be spent?

Who decides this? How does a society decide this? Voting? How has that worked out ?

The mob rule style of voting in America hasn’t worked out too well. Crumbling roads, inefficient services provided by tax funded “voter initiatives”, cumbersome, arbitrary laws that impose Draconian fines on individuals engaging in consensual activity. Prostitution, gambling, marijuana, are just a few of the social vices that are being outlawed by the state. Amish producers of raw milk, cheese, are being targeted for harassment by the government, as well as individuals who choose to consume these types of products.

Limited choice comes from the illusion of choice, the consequence of democracy rule. From the point of view of Oprah, America is the Free and Great country.

To a person from the anywhere, America isn’t such a Free and Great country; it especially sucks if you are non-white and poor.

Oprah doesn’t get pulled over by a law enforcement official for flicking a cigarette out the window, as happened to two women in north Texas recently. These two scared women were searched vaginally and rectally by the police woman, who just happened to use the same glove on each woman. Oprah flies private wherever she might go so she doesn’t have to go through the humiliating molestation or radiation that is required of the non-statist/celebrity class.

I don’t blame wealth or necessarily class for what Oprah, or any other person in that position does, they are just a tool anyway. What perpetuates this system of perpetual whoring for dollars is the fact that the system can be corrupted by anyone who has a compulsive need to tell others what to do. Much in the way politicians get celebrities to “endorse” a cause. Save the Earth Man! The media can let the Daily Show, Colbert Report, American Dad, and The Simpsons exist because they make money. A corporation can offer some masturbatory faux counterculture to throw a bone to the 99% crowd, but in the end they still support the same status quo of business as usual. In the end neither the corporation nor the collective of activists respect the individual right to self-determination.

The freedom to choose and associate with whomever one chooses, without coercion or violence, is the next evolutionary concept that man has to overcome. Human action is what drives the individual to want to create something, to want to interact with others, to explore the Great Beyond. It doesn’t take a violent state to accomplish this feat. Without the corrupting influence of unnecessary laws, coupled with a shitload of money and no consequences, the governments’ appetite for more wealth will increase in proportion to its restrictions on our choices.


There was a time when government for the most part stayed out of your way. One could get by with being reminded about it once a year when you paid taxes, or renewed license plates. Today not only are even the simplest of taxes becoming complex, one can’t even reasonably walk or drive down the street without being asked to “show your papers”.

Let’s hope more people realize how ridiculous these silly laws that infringe on our freedom and do the one collective action that makes sense: withdraw and deny consent!

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