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The Truth About Sex
by Dr. Gloria G. Brame
Mastered: With This Collar
by Sierra Cartwright
by Breanna Hayse
Just F*ck Me!
by Eve Kingsley
Serving Mr. Stevens
by Nathan Stratton
How To Be Kinkier
by Morpheous
The Ganja Kitchen Revolution
by Jessica Catalano
Confessions of a Spanking Addict
by Lenore T. Rose
Come Hither
by Dr. Gloria G. Brame
In the Flesh
by Victoria Pitts
First Thing I See
by Vi Keeland
The Agreement
by S. E. Lund
Running the Gauntlet
by Jim Ward
Living M/s
by Dan and Dawn Williams
Bella Rosa
by Jade Cary
by Gayle S. Rubin
A New Mam for the Girls
by Joannie Kay
Marijuana Cooking
Good Medicine Made Easy

How to Be Kinky
by Morpheous
by Bliss Cameron and Veronica Greene
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